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With KALOSOL, international students can enjoy the best of two worlds - a university experience reinforced with valuable internships! Our organisation is unique in providing both pre- and post-university internships for students across UK, USA, Australia and India.

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At KaloSol, we strive to provide you with more than just an educational experience. Our goal is to help guide and empower your professional growth while showing you the path toward future success in your career!

Enroll and take your professional development to the next level with a mentored program

Expand your knowledge and gain real-world experience by taking part in an internship in INDIA

Start your educational journey. We explore the universities to find the perfect match

An internship abroad can be the opportunity of a lifetime - you'll gain invaluable experience, knowledge and networks while living in another culture

Get the support you need to find meaningful career success. With placement assistance, we'll help ensure that your job search is a successful one!


This is where talented individuals kickstart their journey by taking up full stack development training with a vision to be a cloud expert. When you join our success-based training program, you learn from the experts exactly what the industry needs. We want to make sure you're fully prepared for your future career, so we provide 100% certification guarantee and internship in India.

Kalosol Full Stack Developer

Now gain a complete understanding of how to build, deploy, secure and scale programs and build expertise across the user interface, database stacks and business logic. With all the tools and resources you will gain the in-demand skills required for a successful career in Full-Stack Development.

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From advice and college search support to visa assistance, we help you achieve your academic dreams with a professional approach! Get the guidance needed to make studying abroad an achievable goal.


With KaloSol registered partners across the globe (and right here), there's no shortage of opportunities! Work in abroad as an intern and gain valuable experience along with securing local references to stay ahead of the game to get your dream job in abroad with our placement support.

KaloSol Cloud Expert

Our Cloud Expert Program is the perfect opportunity for you. With one-on-one training and support from our team of experts, you will be able to gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this rapidly growing industry. Don't miss out on this chance to jumpstart your career!

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Redefine Your Career THROUGH KALOSOL

Kalosol is the perfect solution for transforming careers—no longer just reading about a new job in handbooks but actually experiencing it! Interactive exercises take you to that next level and make sure your understanding of each skill or subject sticks. College students and professionals alike can enjoy accelerated career progression with this revolutionary training program.

Trusted By Thousands of Applicants

Kalosol has the perfect course to help students of any skill level. Easily learn a skill set that will advance your career prospects not only in your country but also around the world! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and be empowered by the technology that is changing the world.

Unlock Opportunities with Reliable Support!

Unlock the limitless possibilities of your future by harnessing our powerful support system! We are committed to providing learners everywhere with access to education, empowering each individual to reach their full potential.


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Few Reviews & Success Stories

KaloSol helped me to get my first job in Australia as a cloud developer. With their training and experience, they were able teach me enough about the topic so that it didn't take long before I found myself working on projects with international clients across different time zones all over Asia!

Acharya Vidya
Verizon, USA

I enrolled in Cloud Development program that helped me land my first Job in IT. KaloSol has a systematic curriculum for Cloud development. The course content and the support from the experts helped me a lot.

Benjamin Denrich
Verizon, USA, USA

KaloSol is a top-notch training center with experienced instructors and practical projects. Their cloud full stack developer course has given me the skills to build real world applications that will helped to achieve job here in United States.

Sravan Kumar Puli

The course is very well organized and the instructor does a great job of explaining everything. Even if you don't have technical background, this course can help you learn and use it in your projects. I would definitely recommend this course from KaloSol to anyone who wants to learn Full Stack Developer course here.

Ganta Pruthvi Chaitanya
First Republic Bank, USA

My time in the cloud program was both informative and exciting. Daily lessons allowed me to successfully learn about this new technology, which led my employer call for more interviews after just one month!

Daasa Siddarth

The instructors in KaloSol are always very patient and willing to answer all of your questions. I am glad that i joined this journey of learning with KaloSol because the way they explain things makes for an easy understanding in even complex topics.

Puppali Purnachandar Goud
Fidelity Investments, USA

I took the Cloud course from KaloSol last month. It was a very knowledgeable and well-organized program. The instructor was expert of the subject and was patient to answer all our queries and the overall program was very well organized.

Mallikarjuna Patel Riteesh
Caterpillar INC, USA

KaloSol is a well-known institution for providing top quality education. I enrolled myself in their Full stack developer program and was happy with the level of services they provide, which made it easier to learn from them than anywhere else!

Bhargav Kadaru

One of the best Cloud training providers and the trainer was excellent. Post training support was quick and I recommend KaloSol for all the training programs it offers!

Pothula Ramdeva
HCA/Teksystems, USA

It was so grateful learning here, the cloud program that I enrolled for it, provided all the concepts very clearly, I recommend all other to have this course and gain knowledge provided by KaloSol.

Sai Pavan Chanda
Net Health, USA

I am so happy to say that I completed my Full stack developer course from KaloSol and it's because of their awesome support team. They're always there for any help you need, which makes this the perfect option to learn new job-oriented skills.

Rupa Nagella
Express Communications, USA

KaloSol has been a great place for me. The trainers are very experienced and knowledgeable of the industry they teach in, which makes them able to provide you with valuable advice on how grow your career as well!.

Enaganti Bhargav
Verizon, USA


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